Last Man In Tower- read a good book from Aravind Adiga

last man

Finished reading this book. The plot is set in Mumbai, India and talks about the rapid changing landscapes of the city and how that effects the long standing cultural traits and personalities.

Human emotions are  captivated in way which is heart touching.. How the think process get effected by rapidly changing socio-economic landscapes and peer pressure is nicely depicted.   Evolution of characters through out the story is quite interesting…

This is the story of all the big cities in developing world, and specially in the South Asia. It reminds me of the changing face of Colombo, Sri Lanka and the plot described in the book can easily be found in there as well. As the culture having much common grounds, the book reminds me of the people we know from the country I was born and bred.. This is one reason I liked this book and it’s plot.


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