Everybody’s Son by Thrity Umrigar


Liked this book from Thrity Umrigar… Theme is universal in a multicultural society. A black boy was adapted by a white couple living in a high social status. It talks about the universal emotions and behaviours all common to humans. The life of characters are effected by ‘whiteness’ or ‘blackness’. Again one tend to question whether that trend is again effected by class structure….

The beauty is that the story takes twists and turns and basically will glue you to page to page till you finish the book. I think a good writer -specially a novelist- has this story telling ability, which in the first place makes him or her a writer. Can see the tools of trade well in Thrity Umrigar’s writing….

living in a predominately ‘white’ society, experiencing the day to day effects of being a ‘brown/black’ , I can relate easily to the thinking and thought process related to characters. Again we should not forget that multiculturalism gives a unique identity to a country. It is a fine art to explore the inner depths of such a society and I believe the writers has a job to do there…

The story also puts on the plate the complex emotions of an adapted child who will have to face the realities of the consequences at some point of life. I remember the film plot ‘Lion’ a biographical story of adapted child from India by an Australian couple. Can see a fascinating common thread in all the story plots…

Exploring the behaviours of characters in all these groundings makes this particular novel more interesting…


2 thoughts on “Everybody’s Son by Thrity Umrigar

    • Thank you for this comment Cinda… My personal liking is to read novels exploring culture and emotions… I would like to get hold of your book and read it as well… now that I am following your blog, I will stay in touch… cheers


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