Emptying Your Cup of Tea



Experiences in life create maturity (first it is confusion, loss of direction and Oh.. yes!).. Same experiences which exhaust life open up the new paths to trot and quite new ways of looking around you… As life is a journey and not a destination, the traveler feels fatigue from time to time. Recently my life experiences pointed me towards eastern philosophies to finding a relief ( or an escape)… But the same act opened a whole new world to explore and take part… Without running away from my present life…What a life ( which belongs to the nature of it.. let alone for me or to anybody else)…

Zen… One thing about Zen is that it is mysterious… That mysterious nature arises one’s pattern of thinking in a sudden gust of adrenaline.  I have read that traditional Zen monks are travelers and they travel long and hard to visit various teachers. Student(seeker) when encounters a teacher, student ask a question and teacher gives an answer, normally bit “confusing” ( I repeat – First it’s confusion, loss of direction and oh! Yes). The confusion arises a sudden new way of thinking… That is the turning point for a student to explore a whole new world. What a philosophy…

One story goes as follows… A student visits a Zen master… Requests “ O Master.. Give me your great wisdom… I know I am educated in such and such …(Theoretical physics, Neuroscience, Business Administration.. whatever you think you are .. you name it!).

O, Master, I would like to learn your wisdom too… I am a true seeker with a never-ending thirst for knowledge…” student went on saying.


“ Calm down my dear fellow… Let’s go and have some tea…” Zen master told this over-enthusiastic student. Master took two cups. He filed his and then started to fill the cup of the student. The student was observing. Cup gradually filled to the top and started to spill out. Master continued to pour tea even though it is spilling out as if never noticed.

“ Master stop… the cup is full and spilling! Didn’t you noticed”the student shouted…Master chuckled…“Hmm… My dear friend… Your head is like this cup. If it is full of stuff and even though you desire to gain new wisdom in life, nothing will be captured”.

I repeat again- First it’s confusion… Loss of Direction .. And then… I am trying to empty my cup… I took my baby steps….Tried few things free of charge such as taking few deep breaths in and out… In and Out .. Letting things go… How about you.. (Well none of my business.. but just curious as we are all human “beings” at this moment in our own paths). Just living the moment… No need to escape as it is not an option….The great gift of the eastern way of life… East we forgot a long time ago because our “cup is full”…


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