The Secrets of A Good Writer

Once again Thrity Umrigar captured my attention. It’s no secret for people who know me about my reading habit. One tend to do writing for different reasons. For me it’s an escape and excuse. The Secrets Between Us definitely took me to places..

You travel beyond the boundaries of geographies of countries and cultures with a good novel. For no particular reason I am attracted more to South Asian writers and their work. The characters seem to be closer to my heart and I share experiences subconsciously. That may be the reason.

Thrity Umrigar’s Secrets Between Us is such an emotional journey.. The writer digs in to secret worlds of few ordinary (or extraordinary) women in a landscape of poverty striken surrounding in India. One can wonder how similar the human emotions are, regardless of being mothers, grandmothers or daughters and how those transcends the boundaries of humanity in different social strata in a hierarchical society such as India.

This is the second novel I read from Thrity Umrigar and it filled few of my evening with a worthwhile reading journey. I do not know what more secrets Thrity holds as a writer but one thing is obviously. She speak to the masses. I think that is one traight I like to see in a writer. There are literary geniuses who can write to elite literary audiences. What’s use of a voice unheard?

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