A Winter Break With Sumerset Maugham

A monotonous life need a thril. A wintery day need a warmth. What a nice combination provided to me by a master story teller of by gone era..

Yes.. I am talking and dreaming about the great novelist of twentieth century Sumerset Maugham. My thoughts provoked by this compact thriller novel which I finished reading in these wintery days.. Thank you sir for filling me with a thrill that never has faded from your readership spanning for centuries.

This tiny novel , ” up at the villa” shows the techniques and master skills of a great thriller writer. What a portrait of a woman’s emotions in situations of unexpected tragedies of life, so warmly packed with a abiding, page turning true thriller story.. I am amazed by the appeal which this novel has for a reader after many generations. Amazing!

Somerset Maugham was great novelist and celebrated playwright of twentieth century. Born in Paris and grew up in England. He has also served as a secret agent for British during first world war. He is famous for his classics such as ” Of Human Bondage “.

I believe literary talent of a writer is a gift from nature but also get sharper with the life’s experiences. Varied life and works of this writer will sure to appeal the generations to come. Yes sir..you have your appeal for the common man.

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