She Who Fetched Us Water

When sun baked the land and crops dried away…

When my little sister cried of heat and hunger

When the tatched roof of our hut swayed with gushing winds so dry..

You walked the extra mile to fetch us precious water..and fed us with love.

You are our mother who gave us the wourld …

PS- I painted this woman who carry two pots of water in acralic medium on canvas paper. I do not know why she came to my mind and i painted my feeling .

Growing up in South Asia it was a common sight in rural dry lands. Seeing these women my heart cry for them knowing that they fetch the water and walk miles to feed their families in those poor huts..

Life is so unfair in some parts of the wourld. Let us give our tribute to those mothers who walk those extra mile to make it a better wourld for their children .

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