Bright Side Of The Life

That misty morning, edge of that lake, when mist was blurring my vision and playing it’s marvel on the water, those trees told me a secret…

I visited that place near this lake in Canberra for a reason. It was a house dedicated to people who were at the end of their lives. The death was in their doorstep.

They could see it coming but they were calm. Some were uncouncioous ofcourse. The people i saw that day were in palliative care.

I came out and went to the edge of this lake to reflect back what i saw and connect with life.. then i saw those trees. Then they showed me what it means to be alive in every single moment..

Those trees were spreading their branches towards the lake.. Also they reached out to each other..In the chilly breeze they hugged each other to keep warm as life is so precious . As life is not to be wasted..

Those trees always swayed towards the misty lake…They never lost their day they will touch that precious water and will celebrate the life as it is…

Yes “The Life as it is” ..not the achievements.. as nothing to achieve wasting a life… Life itself is an achievement being alive.

Why can’t we see the bright side of the life?

2 thoughts on “Bright Side Of The Life

  1. Thank you Anuradha for sharing these thoughts. Indeed, we underestimate that “Life itself is an achievement being alive.”! I guess that is because we see life = achievements, but achievements are NOT life. I am trying to live this message, and particularly today hearing it from you is very helpful. Thank you again


    • Oh that is very nice to hear that ” you are trying to live this” . These thoughts come to me triggered by circumstances as such i tried to put in here..thanks Dr..for this thoughtful comment!


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