Cry For The Wourld Guernica…

I gazed at Guernica because she shocked me and I am still trying to understand her…. I see her in my mind when someone brags about the patriotism of war.. ” Guernica ” the brainchild of Picasso and my angel of pain and shock…

My blog “Nirmana”(an oriental word symbolizing creativity ) is here for celebrating the creativity of the world. If an artist, a writer or a filmmaker can be creative enough to shock the world and give strong message creativity goes a step further .. Let me talk about Guernica which did the same.

Looking repeatedly at Guernica, the famous 20th-century painting by Pablo Picasso always reminds me of what a chaotic world we live in. Also, it reminds me of the end results of human conflicts leading to war between races, religions, and nations.

In 1937 innocent civilians of small-town Guernica in Spain were killed by German bombers. Picasso showed the aftermath tragedy of a fruitless civil war to the world by his famous mural painting.

Guernica is a long story told in shocking parts to a thoughtful observer…The most shocking part of the painting to me is part I show here..this woman crying holding a dead child.

The lifeless body of a child in her arms, this woman wails looking at the bull- common cultural symbol in Spain.. the bull here depicts the brutality .. Does Picasso trying to tell us the many faces of “cultural bull” which lead to brutality in this world… Does this wailing woman accuse the cultures and ideologies which led to the killing of her innocent child?

This is creativity at best… Let’s think about the ideologies of the world today … be it the Islamic state… be it the domination of nations for nuclear and economic power .. Do you hear the cry of Guernica?

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