Lost Souls In A Connected Wourld

Welcome to the jungle of a networked wourld where people become close but emotionally disconnected ! Isolation is a norm and a habit.

I am talking about the century we live in , a century where some time back media philosophers braged a lot about.. this is a century it all happened in a click of a button and with the speed of light. Where networks socialized the media and dugitized social sphere which became medium itself..

Yet more and more we find ourselves isolated from each other .. Gone are the days we relied on each other for emotional fullfilments. Everyone seem close their heart’s door unless you have an apointment!

We never observe the path we travel and as we busily focus on destination. By doing so we lose the touch of our loved ones and ultimately become individualistic, goal oriented , alienated and seperated souls..

What can you see in the couple in my artwork above ? Arn’t they close as well as seperated ? Lost souls in a conected wourld .

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