Expectations and Shunyatha(Nothingness)

Well ..theme of my painting here was ” Expectations ” . I wanted explore the expectations of a lonely soul by mixing and freeflowing these lonely but expectant colors in a canvas ..

But then it made me think about a unique concept of some of eastern religions called ” Shunyatha” which we can roughly translate as ” nothingness “.

But concept is not ” Emptiness ” . Because detachments lead us to experience “Nothingness” which is not empty! But filled with pure life…

We tend to live on Expectations .. Expectations lead to attachments , which we all live. Will it not be wonderful to live understanding that if you loose something you are not empty. But you experience Nothingness .. which is the fundamental nature of life..

We come with nothing and go with nothing… Took me bit of time (and this painting ) to understand that!

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