Why Some Writers Change the World…

Well reading is my hobby. Such a relaxing activity to forget about the the stresses of life. At the same time you can learn life lessons and get a lifetime of experiences by reading few pages of a good novel.

So what makes some writers immortal and what makes some books timeless? I think we can get a clue from this famous saying of one of the greatest writers world has seen- Ernest Hemingway. ” In order to write about life first you must live it” says Hemingway.

A writer is a one who live a common man’s life and experience the life in it’s basic level. Happiness, sadness, love and cruelty. There are no white characters or black characters in a good story. Rather the characters are different shades of grey. Just like us.. the common men and women.

Within couple of sentences a good writer can grab attention of a common man. So what is the benefit of addressing the common man rather than an elite literary crowd? Well if somebody among millions who are suffering without understanding the true essence of life can grab a one great idea by reading couple of pages what you wrote, isn’t it great!?

If somebody who could not see a future in their mundane life , after reading a good story, can cultivate some hope, isn’t it an achievement? Famous writers who ” lived the life” can write with their heart. People can feel their heart beat…Those words echo through whole universe and ultimately will change the society.

Entertainment is the way to wisdom. I believe that should be the purpose of a great story teller.

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