Braving the forest to gather wood

To shed the light to a darker life..

She went and found the trasure.. measured by every step over that thorny forest..

When yellow light of the dying sun, went down over the distant hills..

I heard her fading song, in that lonely path to home.

She Who Fetched Us Water

When sun baked the land and crops dried away…

When my little sister cried of heat and hunger

When the tatched roof of our hut swayed with gushing winds so dry..

You walked the extra mile to fetch us precious water..and fed us with love.

You are our mother who gave us the wourld …

PS- I painted this woman who carry two pots of water in acralic medium on canvas paper. I do not know why she came to my mind and i painted my feeling .

Growing up in South Asia it was a common sight in rural dry lands. Seeing these women my heart cry for them knowing that they fetch the water and walk miles to feed their families in those poor huts..

Life is so unfair in some parts of the wourld. Let us give our tribute to those mothers who walk those extra mile to make it a better wourld for their children .

Drum Beats

A solo drum beat …

From a far away place… hidden from the rest of the wourld …

A rhythm tunes into the heart so close.. so close indeed .

Thumping through the soul and churning color over the glooming light of the falling sun…

The solo drum played it’s song.

(PS- My painting “Solo Drum Beater”. Done with acralic medium. My newest creative venture is painting. I find it blends realy with my writing wells and gives me inspiration ..)

Nirmana -Unleash of Creativity

My dear readers and followers..

My blog site is fast evolving in to my own creative space encompassing different genres of creativity – reviews, prose, poems and arts…

I had marvellous support so far and pretty encouraging comments ..

I would like to rename my blog as “Nirmana” – a Sunskrit word for creativity … giving it a oriental feel, where my crative roots come from…

Hope you continue to read and follow my “Nirmana” – the site for unleashing creativity which sorrouds our lives ..

Thank you..

Mystery Blogger Award!

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Happy to be nominated and receive the “Mystery Blogger Award” from my fellow blogger PRASHANTI ALLURI, who does her motivational blog  Happiness Inn -, another ward winning blog worth attention.

While thanking her, and all my followers for their encouragements,  as per the award rules, I would like to write(brag..) three things about me (which I hate…):

  1. I am a creative soul from Sri Lanka now living in Australia(with destiny ..with partly willingness and partly regret) with a young family, thinking of ways to express my self other than day to day struggle for a living.
  2. Being a Hobbyist journalist for many years while in Sri Lanka, I lost part of my creative spirit during all the hassle of settling down in a new country, hence created my blog to re-live the spirit.
  3. Now my blog is evolving in its own way flowing in its own pace and branching out to areas such as memories, book eviews, poetry and soon into the arts and paintings..which I am trying my hand at the moment…

The Mystery Blog Award, created by Okoto Enigma, which I was privileged to receive by my fellow blogger Prashanthi, is as follows:

Questions which were given by my nominee and my answers as follows:

1.what’s your favorite personality trait?

My creative spirit no matter what…

2. What makes you the happiest in life?

A peaceful surrounding full of simple things and strong bonds with loved ones

3.Do you wish to write a book in the near future?

I wish I could.. well …near future; no idea

4. How do you picture a perfect world?

Simplicity and Peace… creativity and admiration… a celebration of life and being human

In return, I like to nominate the following blogs for their creativity, spirit, and mysteriousness…:


My questions for them are:

  1. What triggers you to be creative?
  2. What are the important things in your life?
  3.  Do you believe creativity comes from birth or it has to be gained?

All the best for all the bloggers and thank you all for your likes and encouragements so far.




Slices of Life Blending Together

Slices of life..

Blending together..

Waking up for the sun showing that glory of bloom.. that golden shine..

When days get dark.. when sun hide without giving any hope whatsoever..

Remember those days of glory ..those days we danced away and swayed with happiness..

Art of life blending it’s colours together.

The Artist of Winter

Oh you the foggy sky of winter…

Creater of mist and dew.. .

Whistling your tunes amoung orange leaves , they dance… and then falls without a clue..

Oh you the artist of seasons of beauty..

I envy your talent gazing at you.

Journeys of Self Discovery and America For Biginners!

I rember one solo journey I took to discover myself decades ago.. Away from hustle bustle of a crowded city I was living , I suddenly went to a monastery run by some like minded folks to meditate up in the hills.. I was too young at that time to take meditation so seriously. Nevertheless, it was an amazing connection to something inner in oneself. Few fragments of that journey still remain with me..

It seems our love for travel and taking up journeys to unknown territory comes from a drive within.. Part of it is surely self discovery. In other words seeing life in a different perspective.

Different cultures and traditions take pilgrimages seriously. In the country I grew up , Sri Lanka, it took very little effort for young and old alike to pack few of the belongings and go on a journey to vist a holy place or to see ruins of an ancient palace or a temple. What a connection it creates with culture, nature and society..

Ironically, the same line of thought generated when I read the novel ” America For Biginners ” written so craft-fully by Leah Franqui.

A recently widowed Indian women -Pival Sangupta- takes a bold step to discover the life of the strange country-America – where her gay son went and died before her husband passed away. The author ties together in this journey three characters seem to be totally different and make them interact through out this journey of self discovery.

As the preconceptions of each other and about America get challenged, the unlikely companions learn different perspectives of life , thinking and revisiting their own judgements,values and beliefs.

Getting a different perspective about life is worthwhile.. As life is a journey to learn through different twists and turns. I believe the craze of travel and devotion for pilgrimages comes with a reason.

A Winter Break With Sumerset Maugham

A monotonous life need a thril. A wintery day need a warmth. What a nice combination provided to me by a master story teller of by gone era..

Yes.. I am talking and dreaming about the great novelist of twentieth century Sumerset Maugham. My thoughts provoked by this compact thriller novel which I finished reading in these wintery days.. Thank you sir for filling me with a thrill that never has faded from your readership spanning for centuries.

This tiny novel , ” up at the villa” shows the techniques and master skills of a great thriller writer. What a portrait of a woman’s emotions in situations of unexpected tragedies of life, so warmly packed with a abiding, page turning true thriller story.. I am amazed by the appeal which this novel has for a reader after many generations. Amazing!

Somerset Maugham was great novelist and celebrated playwright of twentieth century. Born in Paris and grew up in England. He has also served as a secret agent for British during first world war. He is famous for his classics such as ” Of Human Bondage “.

I believe literary talent of a writer is a gift from nature but also get sharper with the life’s experiences. Varied life and works of this writer will sure to appeal the generations to come. Yes have your appeal for the common man.